District Chair Update: Taking Back Scouting

District Chair Update: Taking Back Scouting

Here are some thoughts from our District Chair, Kent Thomas.

  1. Outside good/Inside bad – highlight the Outing in Scouting

  2. Groups of 50 or less good – larger groups problematic – figure out 6 ft spacing/personal space

    (example 1: Backpacking is an excellent outing right now in Scouts as long as small group transportation logistics are nailed down, individualized sleeping/eating is more an option.

    Example 2: Den activities that are face to face with parents driving their scouts to a public park is excellent – a dawn exploration hike in the case of AZ)

  3. Masks good – especially when inside – but important to demonstrate when in Scout Uniforms in public in larger gatherings of more than 10 scouts

  4. Follow-up the example of your Chartering Org – what are they doing around gatherings?

Kent Thomas

Gila River District Chair