Introducing the Council Virtual Roundtable

Grand Canyon Council Scouters,
I’m pleased to announce a new communication tool for our leaders across the council. With this year’s website overhaul, we’ve built in a new feature – “Virtual Roundtable”, a forum for our Scouters to discuss and share information.
With such a large council territory to serve through just a handful of districts, it can be difficult for all leaders to attend so our Virtual Roundtable will supplement the monthly Roundtable offered by each district.
The forum is easy to find, just go to and click on ‘forum’ on the menu.  One benefit of Virtual Roundtable is that information and conversations will be kept for future use and easily searchable, providing a wealth of knowledge and assistance to Scouters moving forward.
Users will need to set up a username, and must be approved prior to posting, to protect the forum from ‘bots’ and ‘spammers’.
I hope you’ll take a look at this video announcement and take a moment to explore our new Virtual Roundtable – it’s ready to go!
Andy Price
Scout Executive/CEO
Grand Canyon Council, BSA
Please note: we have added a link to the Gila River District Sub-forum in our website menu too on our website.